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VoIP & Traditional Phone Installation

Business Phone Systems VOIPThe most important aspect of any business is your ability to effectively communicate. Having a reliable phone system at your business is an invaluable asset. Tek Telecom Systems will make sure your phone system won't let you down.

Whether you are going with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or traditional phone services, our trained field technicians will connect all the phones in your building and make sure everything is successfully operating before our job is complete. 

Business Phone Connections

Tek Telecom Systems has extensive experience in planning the layout and installing wiring in variety of structures ranging from multi-floor to multi-building complexes. We are often called to serve clients that are moving from one location to another. We ensure that installation is neat and clean with minimal interruption to client’s operations.

If your company is large or small, in one location or several locations, we can accommodate your telephone installation needs. We offer a wide range of telephone system equipment, professionally installed at a competitive rate.

  • Setup of Multiple Lines
  • Wiring Phones Throughout The Building
  • Troubleshooting VoIP Services
  • Linking Phones In The Building

VoIP Services 

More small businesses are switching to VoIP phones for benefits including: reduced costs, easy to use, more features, never missing calls and the ability to transfer calls to a mobile device. This is ideal for many small businesses that want the best usage out of their phone system at a reduced rate.

VoIP calls are made using your internet connection, rather than the traditional analog phone lines. Voice over IP uses your LAN to transmit data, and doesn’t require extra phone lines to be run through your office.  

With VoIP, calls are less likely to be dropped and lines are less likely to be down, so your business will have less downtime and more productive hours. With this service we are able to set up multiple different phone lines throughout the building if necessary, each with their own voicemails and separate phone numbers. 

VoIP phone service is also less expensive than traditional phone lines, and many times your number is accessible from other places, so you can still handle business when you aren't in the office. 

With VoIP services, no new lines will need to be installed in your building because your phone service will use the same cables as your internet. This cuts down on the amount of time it takes for installation, as well as the cost for equipment. 

Traditional Phone Services 

Traditional phone services are still a viable option for many businesses. At Tek Telecom Systems, we are able to run lines for traditional phones throughout the building. 

Traditional phone services tend to be more expensive than VoIP services because each individual phone line increases the overall price. If your business location only needs one or two numbers, traditional phone services might be a good option for you. 

Whichever service you choose to go with, Tek Telecom Systems can make sure all of your phones are wired correctly, working correctly, and ready to help your business communicate and thrive. With all of our phone services, our trained team of telecommunications professionals can help you troubleshoot and make sure everything is operating as necessary before our job is done. 

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