Internet & Network Solutions

Network Cabling & Fiber Optic Wiring

Tek Telecom Systems has extensive experience in providing high-speed internet services for businesses of any size. They can install and maintain local area networks, enabling information sharing across your business and sharing of equipment, such as printers.

They can also equip your business with fiber optic technology, and install and maintain networks using twisted pair ethernet cabling such as Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A. 

Data Centers & Network Closets

Tek Telecom Systems offers professional services for data centers, providing comprehensive installation and maintenance of networking equipment, server racks, and cable management systems. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to optimize the design and installation of data center infrastructure, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and provide customized solutions that meet their needs. Our services include the installation and maintenance of high-density server racks, advanced cooling systems, and redundant power and network connectivity to ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Our team can also provide expert cable management services, helping to reduce clutter and improve airflow within the data center. We can also assist with the installation and configuration of network switches, firewalls, and other critical networking equipment.

Network Closets

In addition to data centers, Tek Telecom Systems can also work on network closets, which are smaller spaces where network equipment is installed and managed. Network closets are typically found in smaller businesses or buildings, where a full-scale data center is not necessary.

Our team of experts can provide installation and maintenance services for networking equipment, such as switches, routers, and servers, as well as manage cable management systems to ensure that all cables are organized and easily accessible for maintenance or upgrades.

We can also provide recommendations for equipment upgrades or replacements to improve the efficiency and security of your network closet. With our expertise in network infrastructure and technology, Tek Telecom Systems can ensure that your network closet is operating at peak performance and providing reliable connectivity for your business.

Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber Optic Network Installation and Service

At Tek Telecom Systems, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of high-speed fiber optic networks for businesses of any size. With our extensive experience, we can help you choose the best fiber optic system for your business needs, whether it's for transmitting large amounts of data or providing fast internet access to your employees and customers.

Our team of professionals can design, install and maintain your fiber optic network, ensuring that it is operating at optimal performance. We can also repair or replace any fiber optic networks that you already own, ensuring that your business stays connected to the internet without any interruptions or downtime.

Although fiber optic cables are able to withstand most conditions, they are still fairly easy to break if handled incorrectly. This is why having experienced and professional installers is extremely important for fiber optic cable installation. Tek Telecom Systems, has been installing fiber optic cables since they first arrived on the internet connectivity scene. 

Benefits of Using Fiber Optic Cables

Faster data transfer speeds
Fiber optic cables have a higher bandwidth capacity than copper cables, which means they can transfer more data at faster speeds.

Better signal quality
Fiber optic cables are less susceptible to signal degradation and interference than copper cables, which means your data is less likely to be corrupted during transmission.

Longer distances
Fiber optic cables can transmit data over much longer distances than copper cables without the need for signal boosters or repeaters.

More secure
Fiber optic cables are more difficult to tap into than copper cables, making them more secure for transmitting sensitive data.

As technology advances and data requirements increase, fiber optic networks are better equipped to handle these changes and upgrades than traditional copper networks.

If you have a large retail space such as a department store or supermarket, fiber optic cables are a great option because they are lightweight and capable of being run over long distances throughout your retail or warehouse space. If you have multiple business locations, your fiber connection can facilitate ultra-fast connections between your business locations, no matter the distance between them.

While fiber optic cables provide the fastest and most reliable connection for all of your internet needs, it is also the most expensive because of the high-quality materials and the specialized certifications installers must have. Tek Telecom Systems is one of the only companies in the state of Colorado with the certifications needed to install fiber optic cables. 

Cat5E | Cat6 Cable Networks

Cat5E and Cat6 Cable Network Installation and Service

Regardless of which type of cables run your internet / intranet, having a reliable and efficient network infrastructure for your business is of the utmost importance. That's why we also specialize in the installation and service of Cat5E, Cat6, and Cat6A twisted pair ethernet cabling network cables.

Cat5E and Cat6 cables have been the industry standards for connecting computers and other devices in a local area network (LAN) and are still the most popular form of transmitting data. These cables provide high-speed data transfer rates and are able to handle large amounts of network traffic.

Our team of experts can design and install a custom network solution that fits the specific needs of your business. We ensure that the installation is done correctly and efficiently, minimizing any disruptions to your business operations.

In addition to installation, we also provide regular maintenance and support for your network infrastructure. This includes troubleshooting and resolving any issues that may arise, as well as upgrades and replacements when necessary.

Our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable in the latest network technologies and standards. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry to ensure that we are providing our clients with the most advanced and reliable solutions.

Wi-Fi Networks

Tek Telecom Systems specializes in the installation and maintenance of wireless networks, including Wi-Fi systems and cellular networks. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in configuring and optimizing wireless networks to provide reliable and fast connectivity for your business.

We can work with you to design and install a wireless network that meets your specific needs, taking into account factors such as coverage area, number of users, and types of devices being used. In addition, we can provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your wireless network continues to perform at its best.

Guest Wi-Fi Networks

Adding a guest Wi-Fi network can be beneficial for businesses as it provides a separate network for visitors to connect to, keeping the main network secure. Tek Telecom Systems can set up a guest Wi-Fi network with customized login credentials and access restrictions, allowing guests to access the internet without compromising the security of your main network.

This can also provide your business with the opportunity to engage with your customers by using the guest Wi-Fi login page to showcase promotions or gather feedback through surveys. With Tek Telecom Systems, you can have peace of mind that your guest Wi-Fi network is secure and professional.

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