Why do I need a professionally installed network or phone system?

A strong and reliable network represents an important component of any organization that relies on Internet connectivity to provide at least some of its products or services. There is never a need for your business to lose valuable time because of a slow network connection.

  • Professionally installed networks and phone systems more reliable and easier to troubleshoot.
  • Proper labelling allows for future expansion, changes and flexibility.
  • It is easy to upgrade and will be able to handle higher speeds as technology advances.
  • Every outlet is certified, tested, and ready for use.
  • Certified installations typically include a 25-year warranty, a major requirement for all government and financial institutions.

Although you can technically DIY a network installation, you will likely end up spending substantially more time on this than you need to if you don’t seek out professional assistance, simply because you may need to learn how to complete some steps of this process. Additionally, the professionals at Tek Telecom Systems will likely know how to resolve unforeseen issues better than you can. 

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