Where is Tek Telecom Systems located?

We are based in Colorado, but we can travel all over the continental United States for your telecommunications needs. We have traveled to businesses in many states in order to make sure they are set up by our professional team at Tek Telecom Systems. We are one of the best telecommunications companies in the country - don't hesitate to reach out no matter what state you're calling from! 

Why do I need a professionally installed network or phone system?

A strong and reliable network represents an important component of any organization that relies on Internet connectivity to provide at least some of its products or services. There is never a need for your business to lose valuable time because of a slow network connection.

  • Professionally installed networks and phone systems more reliable and easier to troubleshoot.
  • Proper labelling allows for future expansion, changes and flexibility.
  • It is easy to upgrade and will be able to handle higher speeds as technology advances.
  • Every outlet is certified, tested, and ready for use.
  • Certified installations typically include a 25-year warranty, a major requirement for all government and financial institutions.

Although you can technically DIY a network installation, you will likely end up spending substantially more time on this than you need to if you don’t seek out professional assistance, simply because you may need to learn how to complete some steps of this process. Additionally, the professionals at Tek Telecom Systems will likely know how to resolve unforeseen issues better than you can. 

Can you assist with my phone / data services relocation?

Yes. Tek Telecom Systems has extensive experience and knowledge working with service providers and we know how to relocate network services to minimize downtime. We will coordinate and follow through on all aspects of your network relocation.

What if our company doesn't know exactly what needs to be done?

Tek Telecom Systems can conduct a site survey at the location requesting work to be done. We'll take details on your location and then can provide you with a detail work order. Digital pictures can also be requested to show the work before and after.

Do you provide telephone repair, installation, or maintenance?

Tek Telecom Systems provides installation and service on all telephone systems. Recent installations have included a complete backbone and installation of all telephone and voice lines. We service both digital VoIP or analog telephones.

What kind of cable installation and telephone services can you provide?

Cabling & Cable Testing
Date and voice lines and cables are tested across various grades such as CAT5, CAT5e and up to CAT6a. Fiber and FDDI are also tested. This is a great way to troubleshoot errors or loss of connection on your network.

Telephone & Voice Mail Systems
Various types of VoIP telephone systems can be installed from many different providers. These phone systems are also great for remote offices or local offices experiencing issues or errors.

Design & Installation of Data Centers
Relocation or upgrades of existing or new data centers is planned for free with one of our Project Managers. Whether wiring a closet or a complete data center with enclosures, we help you plan for maximum growth and return of investment!

Wireless (WAP) and WAN Solutions
More companies are moving towards Wireless Access Points installed throughout their locations to provide Wireless access to their workers or visitors. 

Can you install security cameras at my business?

Yes! Tek Telecom Systems is experienced in security system installation for businesses of all sizes. We can mount either security cameras or CCTV surveillance cameras anywhere on your premises. We can also integrate these systems into your network to make it easy to check your security footage from anywhere. 

Have Network Phone Security System Issues?

Let Tek Telecom Systems Handle It!