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Leading The Way In Telecommunications

For more than two decades, Tek Telecom Systems has been leading the way in telecommunications innovations in Colorado and across the nation. With experience running communications systems in some of the top businesses in the nation, Shawn Sullivan, owner and founder at Tek Telecom Systems, knows how to keep your business connected.

Since starting in the telecommunications business, right at the beginning of the internet boom, Shawn has spent his career staying up to date with the latest technologies, making him the professional you want to install the communications systems in your business. 

Telecommunications Experience 

With years of experience in telecommunications, including working with fiber optics at Facebook and Google, Shawn knew the next step was to start a business of his own, doing what he does best. 

Since starting Tek Telecom Systems, Shawn has been traveling the country installing internet cables, phone systems and security systems for small and mid-sized businesses. Well known businesses like Bed Bath and Beyond, Starbucks, and even the Gucci Store in Aspen, Colorado has trusted Shawn Sullivan of Tek Telecom Systems, to run all of their cables and keep their business communications systems running smoothly. 

Our biggest pride as a business is never cutting corners when it comes to installation or the quality of the materials used. When we are installing your fiber optic cables, they are the most high quality cables on the market. When we are installing coax, T1 or T3 cables, the quality can't be beat. 

We are honored to be apart of helping your business grow and thrive by installing the best phone, internet and security systems available on the market. 

Our Passion For Telecommunications

Your Business Communication Matters

As telecommunications experts, we at Tek Telecom Systems,  realize why our job is so important to keeping other small and mid-sized businesses afloat. Without a way to communicate with partners, customers and other employees, businesses simply won't be successful. 

At Tek Telecom Systems, we are responsible for keeping you connected, and we take that very seriously. We have been involved in installing systems at businesses ranging from bigger buildings to smaller restaurants - and we have succeeded at all of them. 

If you want your business communications to contribute to the success of your overall company, let Tek Telecom Systems, take it from here. We'll keep you connect, we promise. 

Telecommunications Security Systems

Nationwide Business Telecom & Security

The backbone of any communications system, whether voice or data, is the cabling infrastructure. Tek Telecom Systems takes pride in properly configuring and installing your organizational requirements so that years of fault-free voice and data operations are provided.

Based in Colorado and servicing businesses nationwide, Tek Telecom Systems provides professional and experienced service and installation of phone, internet and business security systems. We’re dedicated to assisting our clients in building reliable, secure networks that perform seamlessly.

Our network cable technicians ensure that your business stays online and running at full capacity with minimal downtime. The team at Tek Telecom Systems will evaluate your current and future infrastructure requirements and offer the most effective and efficient network cabling solutions.

Our approach is to first assess your existing and future network requirements, then to work with you to implement the best solution at the best price: on time, and on budget. Throughout the process our installers and contractors will ensure the highest quality service and will strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the way. 

Tek Telecom Systems expertly manage inside and outside structured cabling systems for voice, data, video, and audio systems. We offer a complete breadth of cabling solutions to support all your communication and security needs. Our comprehensive services include design, installation, service, repair, training, and technical support, and we specialize in making communication and security systems more efficient and cost-effective.

Have Network Phone Security System Issues?

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