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Nationwide Network Installation and ServiceWith more than two decades of top-of-the-line telecommunications services, Tek Telecom Systems is the leader in installing expansive and intricate communications systems in businesses and buildings of all sizes. Based in Colorado, and offering nationwide services, Tek Telecom Systems is one of the only companies certified through the state of Colorado. 

Specializing in the installation and troubleshooting of cables necessary for high-speed internet, router set up, phone system setup,  service upgrades and site surveys, Tek Telecom Systems has set up communications networks for some of the biggest names in retail and the restaurant industry.

Network Installation and Service Professionals

What sets Tek Telecom Systems apart from other telecom companies is our track record of success, our high-quality workmanship and high-quality materials. We have installed large, complex projects across data, phone, networks and managed services in Bed Bath and Beyond stores, Starbucks, Gucci and other retail giants nationwide.

Whether you need a virtual private network (or VPN), a sophisticated wide area network (or WAN), a basic local area network (or LAN), a hosted networking solution, or a wireless network, Tek Telecom Systems is ready to complete your project. We offer a broad range of managed and onsite IT services. We can re-engineer an existing network or build your network from the ground up.

Our expert installers have the ability and experience to help you with the design and installation of your Data, Voice, and Audio/Video wiring & network cabling, as well as the installation and service of business phone systems and VoIP phone systems.

Our highly skilled cable teams are not contracted but are our own in-house employees who are trained to provide the copper and fiber optic cabling required to connect all of your voice and data requirements such as:

  • Fiber Optic Cable Networks
  • Cat5E | Cat6 | Cat6A Cable Networks

Tek Telecom Systems is adept at working for major corporations handling data network cabling, low-voltage wiring, conference room projector set-ups, flat screen and digital signage installs, CCTV, intercom, phone / computer and office work station set-up. We offer the highest standard for the design, installation, implementation, and maintenance of infrastructure cabling.

Seamless Telecommunications Systems 

VoIP Telephone and Conference SystemsAt Tek Telecom Systems, we can guarantee by the time we are finished setting up your system, your phone systems, internet connectivity, data transmission and security systems will be working together exactly how they should.

A VoIP phone system can be the perfect solution for your home or business needs, whether you’re looking for one line or hundreds. Our scalable VoIP systems can be installed in a fraction of the time of a traditional phone system.

But we don't just get you set up. Our installation is always organized, clean, and safe. We will never leave dangling wires, cords or an unsightly, tangled mess in your building. We are organized and precise, and when you hire Tek Telecom Systems, you are getting an experienced and professional team of telecommunications experts.

Complete Business Security Systems

We know how important it is to have security at your business. Tek Telecom Systems, isn't just here for your internet, phone, and network needs. We also set up commercial security systems at your building, so there are always eyes and ears protecting your hard work. 

With Tek Telecom Systems, you can tailor your business security to your precise and specific needs. We know that business security is not a "one size fits all" solution, and neither are our business security services. 

We can make sure your security cameras, alarms and all your monitors work harmoniously together and can be accessed whether you are in the building or not. You will be able to keep your hard work safe no matter where you are. 

  • CCTV Installation
  • Security Camera Installation 
  • Controlled Access Installation 
  • Alarm Installation 

Telecommunications | Security Systems

Nationwide Business Telecom & Security

We are Tek Telecom Systems, a telecommunications company based in Colorado that offers nationwide services to businesses and buildings of all sizes. Our company is certified through the state of Colorado and we specialize in installing and troubleshooting cables, troubleshooting entire networks, WIFI installation and placement, phone system setup (copper and VOIP), POS installation, service upgrades, security systems, complete copper and fiber certification, and site surveys. Over the years, we have set up communications networks for some of the biggest names in retail and the restaurant industry.

Aside from our telecommunications services, we also provide complete business security systems such as CCTV installation, security camera installation, controlled access installation, and alarm installation. We also specialize in networking consulting, fiber optic, voice data, security, and access control.

Our company's focus is on providing top-quality workmanship and using high-quality materials, rather than offering the cheapest prices. With over two decades of experience, we have been serving small to medium-sized businesses and have worked on fiber optics projects for companies like Facebook and Google. We take pride in our expertise, our understanding of customer needs, and our ability to provide the best materials and top-quality work.

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